How do I choose a secure password for my account?

IN General

We suggest you to make an 8-character password that contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and also punctuation.

It is important to have a secure password for your account in Gaekon. If your account is compromised, a malicious user could transfer your earned prize to their own account, or award your contest prize money to any account they like.

We have some tips that could help you choose a secure password for your account.

Avoid using phrases
Avoid the use of common words or phrases people likely find in a dictionary or in everyday life.

Combine numbers, uppercases and lowercases
This will be the best option. Mixing these various types of letters will lower the possibility of your account being hacked.

Make your password longer
Longer password will be tougher to hack. This means, your account will be more secure.

Make it easy to remember
It is important to make your password easy to be remembered by you. It makes it easier for you to log in to Gaekon and prevent you from forgetting your own password in the future.