How do I pick the winner for my contest?

IN Contest

Once the contest submission stage is finished, it will enter the finalists selection stage. You’ll be given 3 days to select the winner from the list of submitted designs.

We suggest you shortlist your favorite designs, and then check the following:

Originality of the designs
We strongly recommend that you only award prizes to original designs. Original designs should not include stock photography or clipart images, and the designers should not supply any fonts. Also, text should be rasterized or saved as an outline. Check with your finalist designers that:

Their designsare 100% original and therefore won’t attract any further license fees, or rights to any non-original components of the designs (such as clipart, stock imagery or fonts). If the design contains licensed items, please make sure that the designers have paid for it.

Quality and format
Double-check if the format the designer sends you matches the one you have requested. If you’re not sure, check with your printer or web developer, or go to What file formats should I use when I send the final file? for more details.