How do I prepare my design entries for contests?

IN Contest

– Please use JPEG or PNG file with maximum 2048 x 8192 pixels, and less than 1 MB in size while uploading your design to the contest. The size and format of entries are the same for all contests.

– Determine the color mode and program to create your design based on the type of contest you join.

– Designs for logo design contests
We recommend that you use program like Illustrator, CorelDraw or Inkscape. Don’t worry about the resolution while you use a vector program.

– Designs for other print design contests
We suggest that you use a vector program when designing for any print-related contests. You must also use a CMYK color mode for print design contests. If you decide to use a raster program, like Photoshop, for a non-logo, print contest then you must at least use a 300dpi resolution.

– Designs for web-based design contests
You can use raster programs like Photoshop or GIMP. If you enter a web-based design contest, you must use RGB color mode with a resolution of 72dpi. Good luck for you and your design.