How does Gaekon work?

IN General

Here are the steps:

1. Pick Your Design Needs

Please click “Create Contest” button in Customers homepage and you will see the product choices. Choose one package that fits your budget and create a brief. Don’t forget to make it as clear as possible to ensure that the designers understand what you need.

Choose the “Pay with PayPal” button then you need to login to confirm the payment. If you do not have a PayPal account, do not worry because you can still continue the transaction with your VISA or MasterCard.

2. Get More Optimized Design Option

Daily summary will be sent to your personal email for quick update or you can check by clicking the notification icon on the top right hand corner of the page. Additionally, you can check the progress of your contest in your dashboard.

3. Pick the winner

After you choose 3 finalists, you could pick the winner simply by clicking “Choose as Winner”. We will notify the designer to send their design as soon as possible. And we directly notify you through the notification icon when they have submitted their design to you. And don’t forget that the design’s copyrights are all yours!

As designer, here’s how to join the contest:

1. Browse Contest

Explore our contests and enter ALL that matches your style, skill and deadlines. You can enter more than 1 contest and submit as much designs as you can think of! The more contests you enter, the bigger your chance will be to earn more pay check. Meet the customer’s expectations by reading the brief carefully to know what they need. It’s advisable to keep your design accurate with the contest brief. If you do this, the customer will likely choose your design as a finalist.

2. Send Your Design

The next step is submitting your design to the contest. To learn more about submitting a design, read How do I submit a design to a contest? and What should I consider before submitting design. We’ll review your design first and send it to the customer. In 24 hours we’ll confirm it to you, whether it’s been published or it needs to be reworked. It’s fast and simple. You will be given 7 days to submit your design to a contest. The customer is the only one allowed to see all of the submitted designs, this is to prevent plagiarism amongst participants. In this time frame, the customer will pick 3 designs as the finalists. So make sure your design matches the contest description and do revisions based on the customer’s feedbacks.

3. Revising Time

If you are chosen as one of the finalists, the customer might want some minor changes. There will be a period of 3 days to revise your design based on the customer’s feedbacks before the customer chooses the winner. Your chance to win the competition will be bigger if you make revisions based on their feedbacks accurately. 😉

4. The Final Step

The customer will pick 1 winner from 3 chosen finalists. The winner has to send the final file to the customer. You have 4 days to convert the file and complete the handover file process.

5. File Rejection

The customer might want the file to be in a certain format, so you may need to convert the file first. If the customer has some issues with the file, they can reject the submitted file and you can resubmit it after making changes (reading the feedbacks from the customer will help you figure out what’s wrong).

Once the customer receives the correct file, they will close the contest and the payment will be transferred to you. You will be notified via email about the payment. Learn more about the payment in How and when do I get paid?