What are customer guidelines?

IN Customer

1. Be respective
Communicate polity and professionally with the designers and Gaekon staff.

2. Keep everything clear
Please describe your demands as clear as you can with simple words, so the designers will understand you well.

3. Give feedbacks
Designers love feedbacks. They will feel appreciated and noticed by you. So give respective, positive and building feedbacks to your contest participants.

4. One type of design for one contest
You’re only allowed to run one contest to get one type design. You can’t run one contest to get a design for multiple products. For example, you’re allowed to run one contest for a logo. But you are not allowed to run one contest to get a logo, business card and a banner.

5. Avoid offensive contents
Please do not post a contest that contains pornographic and other offensive things related to ethnicity, religion and intergroup.

6. Please respect copyright
Please do not ask a designer to copy the work of another designer’s.

7. Play fair and square
Please run a fair competition without discriminating other designers.