What are the features of my designer profile?

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You can present your-professional-self on your Gaekon profile. You can also manage your activity directly from your dashboard. Let’s find out what cool features your profile has.

Profile photo
You can upload your profile photo through your dashboard. Simply click the profile photo area, click choose photo and click update picture.

Upload portfolios
You can upload your portfolios directly from your dashboard. On dashboard tab, click update portfolio button. Choose your best work and click ok. Beside that, all of your submitted designs in any Gaekon contest will automatically be included in your portfolio. You can also add the title and description of each portfolio.

Contact info
This tab includes your personal information, such as your full name, address, phone numbers and social media.

Your stats
You can see your stats right below your username. It shows:

Contests won: Shows contests you’ve won
Contest participated: Shows contests you’ve entered.
Rank: Your Gaekon ranks based on your activity. To learn more about rank, read our article about Gaekon Ranks