What do the terms open, winner selection, file transfer, and closed in each of the contests mean?

IN Contest

A contest in Gaekon.com normally runs for 7 days long During that certain period, the contest will have an “Open” status, allowing designers to start submitting their designs.
The remaining time of a contest can be seen on the contest page.
At the end of the contest period, the “Open” status will be changed to “Winner Selection” for 4 days. This status allows client to consider, ask for revision and pick a winner.

In the event, you dislike all the design submitted, you will be directed to our inhouse designer. You will be given 3 designs within 4 days.

If finalist is not chosen within 4 days, the Gaekon will distribute the prize evenly to all designers who join the contest.

If the client has not selected a winner within winner selection period, Gaekon will select 1 winner randomly. You will lose the right to manage the contest and select the winner

After the winner is selected, the contest would be turned into “File Transfer” period for 7 days In this period, the winning designer must give the original file to you. After “File Transfer” is done, the contest would be “Closed” automatically.