What does identity verification mean?

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Verifying an account

Gaekon is a professional virtual working platform and it’s important for us to validate the identities of our designers to build a trusted environment in doing business.
As designers, you will not be able to join any contest until you provide legitimate, verifiable information about your identity. We will verify your identity for maximum 24 hours and help to secure your account and payments.

We secure your information

We make sure that your information is safe and secured. All information we collect and share is strictly in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

What you need to verify your account

Here’s the list of ID types approved by Gaekon:

● ID card (Click here for a list of country-specific ID information)
● Passport
● Drivers license
● Other government issued documents (File of scanned ID can also be uploaded)

Verifying an account

1. Verify your email
When you log in to Gaekon and you see a notification to verify your email, it means that you haven’t verified your account yet. Simply go to your email inbox and look for email from us. Click ‘verify my email’ and you’re done.

2. Verify your account
To verify your account, you have to prepare one type of ID. You can do this by uploading the scanned images to ID verification tab on your dashboard.
1) Prepare one type of ID mentioned in the above list.
2) Scan it with document scanner, camera, or webcam. Make sure it’s not blurry and readable.
3) Log in to Gaekon using your account. Go to your dashboard and click ‘ID Verification’ tab.
4) Enter your PayPal email. If you don’t have one, enter your current email
5) Pick your current country
6) Click ‘Choose Photo’ and choose your scanned ID file. Click ‘ok’
7) Click ‘Save ID’
8) Wait maximum 24 hours for us to verify your ID
9) Once you are verified, you will get a notification on Gaekon notification center and via email. Now you can browse and join a lot of contests in Gaekon.