What file format should I request the winner to provide?

IN Contest

If you know the format you need, you can request it for the final file. For example, if you need an AI file format, you can ask the designer to send you the file in AI format. This will help you easily make changes to the file if you need to change it. The recommended file format would be Adobe Illustrator file (AI) which is commonly used and allows you to have a better experience in image editing.

There are also several formats that you can ask for the winning designer to provide. These formats are common and widely used for designs. But still, it’s up to you.

1. AI (Adobe Illustrator)
2. EPS
3. PDF
4. JPG
5. PNG
6. INDD (Adobe InDesign)

If you plan to print the design, it will be good if you match the format with your printer requirements. You can decide whether it’s a CMYK, RGB, PANTONE, or other color format.
If the design includes fonts inside, you may be required to buy the license.