What is designer code of conduct?

IN Designers

1. Respect Gaekoners as one community

A designer should respect others’ choices and principles. We never compromise any inappropriate responses or behaviours towards customers or other designers. If you want to report any kind of racism (Including but not limited to sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, religion and intergroup-related) simply tell us through email on [email protected] or contactus support.

2. Do original work

We are respecting your original design. As a designer, you are not allowed to submit others’ artwork to the contest you choose. Also, you can’t use symbol fonts in logo, button/icon and illustration. You should mention it if you use stock art in the contest. Or you can read Can I use Wingdings or other symbol fonts in my design?

3. Fair Play

Don’t intimidate or criticize other designers over their artwork. Don’tcomplain to customers about their decision and please don’t promiseanything to make them choose you as a winner or even influence the customers to change their decision and make them leave the contest for another deal outside the contest.