What is ‘pending’, ‘published’ and ‘rejected’ status for my design means?

IN Contest

– Pending :
After you submit your work, wait about 24 hour for us to review the design. We will give you notification as soon as possible whether your design can be published or needs to be reviewed again.

– Published:
After reviewing the design and deciding that it fits the contest brief and meets Gaekon’s standards, we will directly publish your design and notify you.

– Reject :
In reviewing process we will consider whether your design content is acceptable or not. Remember that we will not publish your latest design if it still contains racism and/or other offensive and sensitive contents. We we’ll send you a notification immediately so you can fix the design or uploada new one.
As a designer you can’t see other submitted designs. We give a full protection for every design so we can minimize plagiarism. But it is feasible for the customer to see and review all of the submitted designs.