What is project manager? How would it benefit me?

IN General

Gaekon will provide you with a project manager to make sure your contest runs well. Project manager will do the following things to ensure that you get the design you always want through the contest.

  1. Review your contest brief

Project manager will review the brief of your contest first to confirm it doesn’t contain any pornographic violations, threat, harassment and/or other offensive contents related to ethnicity, religion and intergroup. They will also check if the brief requires some refinement in words or another aspect to make designers understand your wish better.

  1. Review the submitted design

Project manager will review your contest entries before submitting them to you. We will ensure that the designs match the brief.

  1. Recommend some of the best entries

Among the entries, you will find some designs marked as Gaekon’s Favorite. Project manager gives the marks to make it easier for you to choose the designs that he/she thinks is amazing and fits your brief.