7 Killer Tips to Eye-Catching Booth Design

How big is your chance to stand out among dozens of booths in an exhibition? 40%? 70%? People only take less than 5 seconds to stop and visit your booth. That means in such a short time, you have to make an incredible first impression that drives them to learn more about you. And that’s where you need an eye-catching booth design.

So, how do we make it?

It’s not just about sticking your logo and adding attractive graphic here and there. Booth design is much more than that. I’ve gathered some helpful tips from the experts on the field and I’ve listed it down below. Here you go.

Booth Design Tips #1: What’s Your Style?

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Before you start designing, you need to decide which style you’re going to use. Is it fresh, minimalist, cartoon, 3D, clean, or else? Just make sure the style you pick for your booth design aligns with your main branding idea.

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Booth Design Tips #7: How Big is Your Space?

First of all, you need to know the space you’ll use. It includes the measurement, restrictions, lighting, and facilities. If you don’t pay attention to these things, you’ll end up making unsuitable booth design. And that will be a disaster.

Booth Design Tips #2: Don’t EVER Forget This: Logo and Branding

Your logo and branding are two essential items that shouldn’t be left out in a booth design. You should display your logo big enough for people to see. Try to incorporate part of your branding in your booth design too, such as color, slogan, mascot, and uniform.

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Booth Design Tips #3: Be Interactive

Nothing beats attractive booth design with interactive quirks. Things like mini games with amusing reward, free tests and consultation, or informative infographic will draw people to your booth. My advice: try to inject part of your brand. Try to cover the equipment (like led monitor and tables) with attractive wrap design that features your logo and matching color tones to your brand.

Booth Design Tips #4: Lighting Matters

People will pay less attention to this point, but lighting is a serious matter to consider. Because, well, who would be attracted to visit shadowy places? Unless it’s a cinema or haunted house, I won’t go. Be sure to highlight important spots where people should pay attention to, such as your main logo, product display, and interactive area.

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Booth Design Tips #5: Walk-Through Layout

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It’s good to have a booth layout that allows people to walk-in and look through your product display easily. It’s like creating a path with enter and exit door in such a small place. Your audience will be much more organized and there’s no more annoying people who like to push through the crowd to get a good sight.

Booth Design Tips #6: Less is More

Having an eye-catching booth design is the main goal, but it doesn’t mean you have to stuff dozens of unnecessary elements in your booth design. In fact, being less crowded is better. Give some space for the graphics to breathe in by removing unnecessary elements from your booth design.

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Do you already have an idea about the booth design but have a problem to bring it to life? Then you’ll need a help from design companies. There are a lot of names out there, and Gaekon is one of the reliable names. Their designers are experienced in handling booth design projects. They know all the theories and secret tricks to make a stand out booth.

Do you know any other booth design tips we missed? Let us know by leaving a comment below. And don’t forget to share!


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  • August 4, 2017 at 9:57 pm

    Designing the most attractive booth takes some time, effort and budgeted company funds, but the results can pay off rather quickly. Customers need to get the impression that your business has something special to offer that they would not be able to find anywhere else


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