How to Decide The Right Tattoo Shops For You

Yes, you’ve picked your tattoo design. Yes, you’re already 100% sure with your decision. But are you sure you’ve picked the right place to do it? The safety, the method… There are so many reasons to consider. And I know it can be too hard to trust someone poking on our skin with needles. It’s okay to feel skeptical about it. We’re human after all. So, here are the tips to find the right tattoo shop for you.

1. Go to the ‘Good’ Places

I’m not saying that it should be fancy. But the tattoo shop should at least looks clean and give you a good vibe. The needles, counters, chairs, and etc. should be clean and sterile from any harmful material that could contaminate you during the process. When a tattoo shop looks disgusting and unsafe, try to avoid it at any condition.

2. What is the Hardest Part of Your Tattoo?

Just like graphic designers, a tattoo artist also specialized in a particular pattern. For example, Rit Kit and Olga Nekrasova are specialized in creating flower designs, while JC Hernandez is a master in script tattoos. So it’s better to identify your tattoo type and go to the tattoo shop that has an expert for it.

3. Read the Reviews

You can measure the quality of a tattoo shop from honest reviews of their recent clients. It’s not difficult to find a review these days. Internet provides everything. Websites like, and has a directory that worth your attention.

4. Ask for Recommendations

It’s always good to tell your closest friends about your plan. Tell them the details and ask them for a tattoo shop recommendation. You can also go to Quora, Yahoo Answers, or Fluther and post a question. To get a specific answer, you must be specific too. Describe what kind of tattoo that you want, the location, and your desired details of the tattoo shop. It’s totally helpful.

If you haven’t sure of what to be inked on your skin, I would strongly recommend you to go to I got my recent tattoo designed there. And I was really happy with it. In case if you don’t know, is a lair of talented and experienced designers that comes from all over the world. If you want a tattoo design, then numbers of worldwide designers will design it for you – all just for one price tag. Amazing, isn’t it? Tattoo is a lifetime decision, dear. So make sure it’s perfectly designed. Don’t want to regret it later.

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