Man Suing Niantic Over That Disastrous Pokemon Go Fest

Remember that Pokemon Go festival which ended up disappointing everyone in attendance? Now someone is suing Niantic, the developer of the popular agumented reality game, as he claimed that the company failed to provide “the special Pokemon and other rewards” they offered when promoting the event.

Jonathon Norton filed a class action lawsuit against Niantic Inc. in Cook County Circuit Court on Thursday, July 27. The dude, who flew all the way to Chicago from California, states in his docs that he wants the company to cover his travel expense.

“Had my client known that he would spend the majority of the event waiting in lines and unable to play the Pokemon Go game, he would have stayed in California instead of paying money to fly to Chicago to attend the fest,” Norton’s lawyer Tom Zimmerman said in a statement.

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Pokemon Go became a huge phenomenon after released last year. Niantic then planned the first real event for the game and promised that attendees would have the chance to catch rare monsters at the fest, whose ticket went for $20 and sold out in just a few minutes. Some attendees even bought tickets for hundreds of dollars from scalpers.

But the fest was a total disaster. Too many people packing Chicago’s Grant Park and technical glitches plagued the event. After massive outcry, Niantic said they would refund everyone’s $20 ticket and give them $100 worth of in-game coins. Those who scanned a QR code when they entered the park would also be automatically awarded one legendary monster named Lugia.

Niantic hasn’t responded to Norton’s lawsuit. Do you think the company deserves it? Let us know your opinion below, and share this article. (dth/gaekon)

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