7 Google Search Tricks that Will Make Your Internet Surf 10 Times Faster

Clicking Google in the early morning seems like a new routine for all of us. Whether it’s for finding a new breakfast recipe to try or answer to your homework – Google knows it all. And it’s getting even better when you know the tricks to a faster Google search.

I’m not talking about upgrading your Wi-Fi speed. These Google search tricks won’t cost you any penny and extra sweat. But believe me, you could skip all those unnecessary clicks and stupid keyword trials. Getting curious? Here you go.

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Google Search Trick No. 1: Type “Related:” for Related Sites

Nike.com is not the only site featuring world’s best sports brand. If you want to look for similar websites like that, just type in “Related: Nike.com” and press Enter. You’ll find a lot of answers on your screen.

Google Search Trick No. 2: Use Asterisk If You Forgot Something

Do you want to search something but you forget a word in the middle? You can replace it by adding “*” symbol. Here’s an example: you can type in “Game of * Season 7 Trailer” if you forget the word “Thrones.” Easy, right?

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Google Search Trick No. 3: Use Quotes for Exact Search

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Google displays websites that contain similar keywords you typed in, no matter how the sequence is. But if you want Google to consider the sequence too, you can type your desired keywords inside the quote symbol.

Google Search Trick No. 4: Minus to Eliminate Unwanted Words

Image by gottabemobile

Do you want to exclude something in your search? Easy. Type in your desired keywords, hit the space button, type “~”, and type in the unwanted word. That word will be filtered from your Google search result. Efficient!

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Google Search Trick No. 5: How to Look inside a Website Directly from Google

I bet this is your normal Google search routine: you open Google.com, type the website name you want to visit (ex: Gaekon Blog), you click the link to the website, look for the search box, and type what you want to find on that website. 5 long boring steps, duh. What if you just open Google.com, type in the website address, and the subject you want to look for (ex: Gaekon.com/blog design). You just shrink those steps, guys.

Google Search Trick No. 6: Use “vs” for Comparison

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What do you want to compare? iPhone 7 and Samsung 8? Just type in “iPhone 7 vs Samsung 8” on Google search and you’ll literally find what you seek. No need to type “iPhone 7 comparison with Samsung 8.” I know you’ve been doing that, and now you can stop it.

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Google Search Trick No. 7: Look for Synonyms with “~”

I always go to Google when I get stuck with synonyms in crosswords game. I use to type in “The synonym for obligation” and scroll through pages to find the answer. Now I stop doing this old routine and type in “~ obligation” instead. Sometimes when a miracle happens and my Wi-Fi gets super fast, the result will be automatically displayed under the search box even before I press enter.

What do you think about these Google search tricks? Do you have any other tricks we don’t know? It’ll be great if you want to share it with us. Let us know the details in the comment box below. And if you enjoy this article, click the share button!


4 thoughts on “7 Google Search Tricks that Will Make Your Internet Surf 10 Times Faster

  • July 25, 2017 at 6:58 am

    I use google like half of my day per day but i never know about the simple thing like this, whats wrong with me :”)

  • July 25, 2017 at 12:43 pm

    well might now trying that tricks almost everyday I use Google as my search engine

    • July 26, 2017 at 8:05 am

      Now i use mozilla ahaa


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