A T-Rex Randomly Picks a Fight With Online Dictionary, and Find Out Who Wins

No one messes with a dictionary. This T-rex called Sue had to learn that the hard way after she recently randomly tried to start a war with Merriam-Webster dictionary on Twitter.
But how? –That’s probably the question everyone’s dying to ask now. So, I’ll explain that FIRST, Sue the T-rex does exist. She can be found in skeleton form at the Field Museum in Chicago. And she does have her own Twitter page, which she recently used to run a poll to find out what people would like to see her doing.
“YOU HAVE BEEN RANDOMLY SELECTED TO OFFER FEEDBACK FOR THIS TWITTER FEED. WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MORE OF HERE?” read the tweet sent out over the weekend. The poll ended with most of the participants choosing to see her picking “random feuds.”


You can guess what happened next. For no particular reason, Sue tweeted to Merriam-Webster, “Comin’ for you, @MerriamWebster.” The dictionary couldn’t stay silent and hit back at Sue with a hilarious joke that read, “@SUEtheTrex We’re out of your reach.”


That’s how Sue realized that playing around with a dictionary wasn’t a good idea. Admitting her loss, she said, “….aannnnnd I’m immediately dunked on.” Some other Twitter users also kindly helped Sue learn something from this. “In retrospect, it was probably a mistake to get into a war of words with a dictionary,” one user said.


But luckily, or unluckily –depending on how you see it, the dinosaur vs dictionary showdown is now over after they took their one last jab at each other. “No hard feelings, SUE? Let’s shake han…err…wave and make up,” wrote Merriam-Webster, to which Sue cheekily replied, “Aww… @MerriamWebster. I can’t stay ‘n: carried away by intense anger : very angry : furious : ‘mad about the delay’ ‘ at you.”

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