Apple Under Fire for Ad Encouraging People to Be Workaholics

Late last week, Apple premiered its first original TV show “Planet of the Apps” which saw several app developers trying to win money for their respective project. Following the first episode launch, the tech giant landed in hot water for an ad which many deemed an attempt to promote workaholism.

Posted on Friday, June 9, the ad posted on the official “Planet of the Apps” Twitter account featured a quotation from one contestant named Andrew Kemendo. “I rarely get to see my kids. That’s a risk you have to take,” so he allegedly said.

“For the ultimate reward, he’ll put everything on the line,” the “Planet of the Apps” Twitter added. wrote on Friday. The “reward” in question is a potential investment by Lightspeed Ventures, the first investor in Snapchat.

The post immediately drew criticism from many people, including Jason Fried who’s the founder and CEO of work chat tool Basecamp. He posted a screengrab of the tweet and said via his own Twitter account, “Pathetic… even Apple is promoting workaholism now. Check out this ad for their Planet Of The Apps show.”

Esther Crawford, CEO of self-botting company Olabotalso vented her frustration, tweeting, “I wonder if Apple would run an ad with a female founder saying this.”

Following the backlash, Apple swiftly took down the ad. But the drama didn’t end there. When contacted by Cnet, Kemendo clarified that the quote wasn’t his and it was posted online without his consent.

“Not my quote, not my ad. It was posted without my approval,” he said, adding that no one from the show had ever told him about the ad. “I mean, I literally got all this after walking my kids home from school all week,” he continued.

In the first episode of “Planet of the Apps”, Kemendo tried to raise money for his Pair app, which is described as a showroom in your living room. He had to present his idea in front of celebrity judges that included Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow. The show, however, failed to impress viewers who gave it lots of negative reviews.

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