Claw Machines With Bikini-Clad Models in Them Draw Criticism

In Asia, claw machines are one of the most popular ways of getting the hottest items. And if you’re lucky, you won’t have to shell out too much money for the latest plush toys, action figures, and even pricey stuff like cameras, watches, and smartphones.

But recently, a game center in Taiwan decided to use a very unconventional and controversial way in attempt to draw visitors on their opening. Monmoda, which is the largest crane game facility in southern Taiwan, filled four of their machines with prizes like plushies along with four different ladies.

The girls were clad in nothing but bikini as they struck provocative poses and interacted with players. The marketing strategy was a big success. There’s a huge crowd outside of the game center and people began to line up to play with the machines filled with the girls.

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However, not everyone was pleased with the stunt. After pictures and videos of the machines went viral, many social media users voiced their displeasure through their respective accounts. Most of them slammed the game center for treating the four women as objects. Some also expressed concern for children who might see the bikini-clad girls inside the machine.

Later, a rep for Monmoda responded to the backlash by issuing an apology. In a statement posted on Facebook, they clarified that the models weren’t hired to be seen as a prize, and that they were there to show visitors the prizes offered by the game center.

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