Dreaming of Becoming a Google Ambassador for Your Campus? Here’s How to Make It Come True

Are you a tech geek? Are you passionate about internet and computers? Then this opportunity is perfect for you. Google, one of the world’s biggest tech companies, gives you a chance to enjoy a lifetime experience by becoming a Google Ambassador for your university. How exciting is that?

Google Ambassador is a program hosted by Google to find selected students to promote Google products on their campus. The program isn’t limited to certain continents, so you can apply for this ambassador program even if you’re in Asia, America, or Europe. It’s an annual program and a number of candidates will be selected each year.

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How to Become a Google Ambassador?

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First of all, you need to be an active bachelor or master student in a university. You also need to acquire a good knowledge and passion about computer, internet, and Google – both business and product aspect. Google also requires you to have a good sense of financial management, event planning, and currently participate actively in one of university’s communities.

If you meet all these requirements, you can visit http://gsa.withgoogle.com and fill in the blank form with your personal data. Please notice that you may need to prove your student status by showing your student ID or a relevant letter. You will also be required to upload a monologue video that explains why you should be selected as Google Ambassador this year. If you’re lucky, in 2-4 weeks you’ll receive an inviation email for an interview with Google staff through Google Hangouts.

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Google Ambassador: Tips to Win the Selection

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The selection is though. But it doesn’t mean there’s no tips to get through it. Here are some tips to create a winning intoduction video for Google Ambassador program.

Be Original and Honest

Whenever you’re in an interview, don’t ever try to make up stories. People, especially those from HR department, will know when you’re lying or copying other people. And when they do, they won’t be impressed. Remember, being ourselves is an ultimate psychology appeal.

Highlight Your Tech Strength

Let Google know how deep is your love to technology and internet. Tell them your achievements, hobbies, training, passion, or job that related to technology. It’s even better if you have special tech-related skills. Hints: if the process to acquire those achievements and skills are extraordinary, you can try to spare them the detail. It will leave emotional impact and give them hints about your personality.

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Bring Up Google Latest Products

When you create a video, a scenario is a must. That means you need to come up with an interesting topic to talk about. You’re free to pitch any great topic, but try to relate it to Google’s latest product and innovation. It will give a sense that you’re “truly” passionate and interested in Google. Just make sure you dig the information skin deep and from a really reliable source.

Inject Analytical Thoughts

Want to make your introduction video stand out among other candidates? Try to analyze Google’s latest product potential in the current market and predict its future. It’s better if you add tech-savvy comments and a bit of economics insight. The trick: Getting advice from your friend in Economics Department will be extremely helpful.

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What do you think about these tips? Do you have any other tips to successfully pass Google Ambassador selection? Let us know by leaving a comment on the box below. And don’t forget to share this article!


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