Happy 30th Birthday GIF! Facebook Throws the “GIF Party” to Celebrate the Non Stop-Moving Image Format

We LOVE GIFs. And Mark Zuckerberg understands it. To celebrate the birthday of internet’s favorite image format that fell on June 15, Facebook has allowed you to comment with GIFs. You can access the GIF directory on the comment section and browse through the various GIF options, starting from hilarious animal dance GIFs to a kid licking an ice cream. Now your commenting routine will never be the same again.

The GIF images are not limited to comment section only (well, that will be suck). The looped images are also available on Facebook Messenger. You can lift the mood of your private or group conversation by sending hilarious GIFs. If you’re not keen to browse through a huge list of GIFs, you can type in what you’re trying to say, and Facebook will automatically suggest some GIFs that match your words.

Facebook also makes sure to add something special for the 30th birthday of the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF).  Thus, Zuckerberg decided to launch the “GIF Party” to honor Steve Wilhite’s creation. Facebook cooperated with GIPHY Studios in making 20 special GIFs featuring the “internet’s most recognizable faces,” including Logan Paul, Violet Benson, Amanda Cerny, Landon Moss, Joe Jonas, DNCE, DREEZY, Wuz Good, Brandi Marie, and Patrick Starr. Here’s a look of the GIFs.

Image by GIPHY
Image by GIPHY
Image by GIPHY
Image by GIPHY

If you want to use it, you can just type in #GIFparty when you’re about to share a comment on Facebook web or Messenger. Or, you can find it on GIPHY.com/facebook. To add it to your Facebook comment, just tap and hold your desired GIF to copy the code. Then you can paste it to your Facebook comment field. Facebook will automatically detect the code and display your desired GIF. Now you can click the send button and send it all the way! As simple as that.

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