HBO Hackers Demand Millions in Bitcoin in Exchange of Stolen Data

The recent hack at HBO may cost the network a lot. After stealing 1.5 terabytes of data, hackers behind the action are now demanding the network to pay them millions to prevent more sensitive company data from leaking.

As previously reported, the stolen data included upcoming episodes of “Ballers” and “Room 104”, as well as script material for a yet-to-be-aired episode of the network’s most popular show, “Game of Thrones”. After illegally releasing the episodes and script, the hackers on Monday leaked more data including script summaries for the next five episodes of “Game of Thrones”, a month’s worth of emails from an HBO executive, and contact list of HBO chief executive Richard Pleper. The list reportedly contains personal phone numbers of all “Game of Thrones” stars.

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Along with the Monday leak, the hackers shared a ransom note in the form of a video with scrolling text set to the medieval drama’s soundtrack. In the video sent to Pleper, the hackers said that they wanted $7.5 million in bitcoin delivered in only three days.

“We often launch two major operations in a year and our annual income is about 12-15 million dollars. We are serious enough to do our business,” read the ransom note. “We don’t play with you so, you in return, don’t play with us. You only have 3 days to make decision so decide wisely.”

They went on claiming that HBO was their 17th target, and only 3 of their previous victims had failed to pay up.  They also said that they spent around a half million dollars per year on “zero-day” exploit, which allowed them to break into HBO’s system through holes not yet known to Microsoft and other software companies. (dth/gaekon)

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    Good thing I subscribed to HBO through AMAZON.


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