Here’s How to Brainstorm Creative Design Concept Without Feeling Stuck

Creating the main idea of a design can be very difficult. Although you’ve tried to think about the most creative form of something, your design still sucks. I know how stressful it can be. Every designer knows this. Actually, there’s a way for you to brainstorm creative design ideas easily. Now, you can say goodbye to designer’s block! Here are the tips.

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What Time is It?

You may notice that your brain works better in specific hours. Actually, there’s a scientific explanation for that. At early morning, brain is in its best shape thanks to hours of sleep. At noon, brain is more relaxed after having lunch and a few minutes of light talks with friends. And some people may find AM is the best time to brainstorm ideas. Pay attention to your body and brain. Find out what time it performs the best.

Dive in Real Deep

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When you’re about to design something, make sure you know every single detail about it. How’s the personality of my client? How’s the product made? What are the ingredients needed? What’ the story behind this brand? Paying attention to these details can give you an amazing inspiration. If your clients don’t provide you with these details, don’t hesitate to ask. One question can open hundreds of secrets. Just imagine how much inspiration you’ll get.

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Walk Around

Actually, the biggest source of inspiration is our surrounding. There are numerous unique shapes, color combinations, chances to meet people, and unexpected situations. Through times, walking and observing the city has been a way for designers to generate ideas. Want to make it even better? Put your headphones on and play those mood-lifting songs.

Start with Basic Shapes

Try to draw any basic shapes of the words related to the brand. Then try to combine them into one. This method will take time. But once you find the right combination, it will be awesome. After you discover the combination, add some details such as colors, texts, borders, etc into it.

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Are these tips helpful? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below. And if you think your friends could make use of this information, don’t hesitate to share it with them!


2 thoughts on “Here’s How to Brainstorm Creative Design Concept Without Feeling Stuck

  • August 17, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    Don’t hesitate to take a break or go straight through the night… you never know when the right idea will strike. This is what my Teacher say to me when i stuck 🙂

  • November 5, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    kalo aku, suka jalan-jalan sendiri dan ngeliatin aktivitas orang-oarang disekitar. dan itu cukup efektif


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