How to Be an Advertising and Commercial Design Student Sought by Employers

Advertising and commercial design is a relatively new program in its department. But the fact that there’s a high demand of experts from this field makes this program grows rapidly. Advertising and commercial design students are expected to master the direct application of arts in transferring information through various media such as TV, radio, or prints and attracting audience to do a specific action.

The thing is, being a top student in this program isn’t as easy as flipping hands.

Just like any other design programs, advertising and commercial design program demands serious hardwork and dedication. But with some tricks, you’ll be able to do well and have employers looking for you.

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Creativity is the Key

Creating a great advertising and commercial content can be extremely difficult. That’s why you need to train your brain to think creatively. I know some people who think they’re very creative that they don’t need to improve their creativity. But that’s exactly where they’ve gone wrong. By putting your brain at ease, it won’t grow and will even become less sharp than it used to be. My tips: try to continuously pitch creative ideas, even when you’re not in class. Try do this and this. It helps a lot.

Get Yourself an Internship

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“Umm..Do I have to?”

Of course, you have to. Internship gives you a practical lesson of applying theories and trainings you get in class, a hands-on experience in handling clients’ unique requests, and seeking for effective solution in tight deadline. It will extremely determine your excellence in advertising and commercial program – since this program is all about practical skills. So, look for any internship chances in big companies. Aside from valuable experiences you’ll get, it will also be great for your CV.

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How Great is Your GPA?

No matter how amazing your portfolio and CV are, employers always use your GPA to judge you. GPA can describe how diligent, motivated, and smart you are. I know that GPA alone can’t describe your whole quality, but at least a good GPA shows how well you do in class, your excellence in mastering a system, your diligence, compliance, and willingness to make sacrifices for your career.

Sharpen Your Sense

It’s important for advertising and commercial program students to understand customers’ point of view in creating contents. A powerful advertising material that leads to hundreds of sales comes from these things: 1) solution to customer’s problem, and 2) personal approach. To be able to extract advertising ideas from these aspects, you must sharpen your sense, continuously train yourself to oversee a business from customer’s perspective and wrap it in eye catching visuals. Joining is one of the ways to improve this skill. You can join numbers of advertising-related contests, shape up your skills, show your talent off, and bring home lots of cash as a bonus. What could be better?

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Do you have any other tips to be a successful student in advertising and commercial program? Share it with us by leaving a comment below. Well’ be glad to hear it from you. And don’t forget to click the share button!


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