How to create a mascot design people definitely love

Developing a great mascot design is a challenge. It needs dedication, endless research, and uncounted revisions. But, even the hardest thing can be done if you do it the right way. Let me show you how you how to craft a mascot design that will undoubtedly loved by the mass.

What’s the goal?

People wanted a mascot for their business and organization not just because they feel like it. They have a reason underlining it. Remember why your business needed a mascot, and design based on it. If you design a mascot for a client, ask them the goal behind it. Do they want to target a specific customer with it? Do they want something unordinary to represent their organization history? Take your time to figure it out.

What’s unique about it?

Does it have a neat suit like Monopoly’s Rich Uncle Pennybags? Or unusual red hair just like Ronald McDonalds’s? Try to come up with something original and add it to the mascot design. Big head could mean intelligence, big arms means strength, and etc. Please remember that originality and meaning behind it are the key features.

How ‘real’ is he?

A mascot design is not just a ‘design’. You’re building a character. And a character has to come alive in the end.  So, try to visualize his personalities through his appearance. If he is playful, a grin and thin eyes will look good. If he is a bit childish, big eyes and clear smile will be better. You can also align the vibes with matching the color you use with the Color Psychology. It will unconsciously drive people to feel a certain emotion about the mascot. If you need an inspiration to work on this, try scrolling through 21 Most Famous Brand Mascot Designs of All Time.

Tips are useful, but talented hands are the secret. Nothing better than to handover a problem to the expert. And if you look for the experts in mascot designing, my recommendation would be Gaekoners. Why them? First, they are talented. Mascot designing needs a skillful hand in illustrating, and they have it. Second, they work fast. Just several days after you asked for the mascot design, you’ll see dozens of designs to choose from. And, they don’t cost you a bomb. They offer a great deal for a great quality. My experience working with Gaekoners made me say this. You can visit to reach out to them.

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