International Happiness Day 2017: UN and Team Smurf Collaboration for the Day!

Do you treasure happiness?

Celebrate it with people from all around the world on the international happiness day 2017.

The day is set by United Nations to recognize the main purpose of all pursuit made in people’s life – to reach a level of happiness. The event is officially led by United Nations and takes place in March 20 every year. And for 2017, the Smurf is ready to bring all happiness in the world for you.

Honorary Ambassador of International Happiness Day 2017 – Replacing Angry Birds

UN is committed to work with Sony Pictures character, the Smurf, to spread the campaign of International Happiness Day 2017. The idea of the campaign itself is to encourage every person in this planet to spread positive vibes that can make the world be a happier and peaceful place to live in.


The Smurf is selected as the ambassador replacing the former agent, Angry Birds. The iconic birds help brighten the international happiness day 2016 and raise the support for climate change campaign. Meanwhile, the Smurfs goes with the theme: small smurfs, big goals. The message is to show that even the smallest person – like smurfs – can do big things. (Visit the official website to find out more)

What Smurfs Aims

Team Smurfs not only speaks about how every person can achieve big goals, but more than that. Smurfs encourage people to show their support for 17 Sustainable Development Goals which is agreed by UN member countries back in 2015. (Read more about the goals in 17 Goals to Transform Our World)


Team Smurfs will be actively promoting this campaign offline and online through their official website and hash tag #SmallSmurfsBigGoals which spread in social media. If you wish to take a part in the international happiness day this year, you can simply go Team Smurfs or the international happiness day official website. The site provides you a guide on how to participate in international happiness day 2017.

Apparently, The Smurfs have a pretty tight schedule for this year. Aside from being an ambassador for international happiness day 2017, Smurfs gang will hit the cinema on April 21, with their new incoming movie – Smurfs: The Lost Village. To all of you who love the Smurfs family, make sure to mark the date.

Every person in the world has the birthright to be happy, no exclusion. And March 20 is just the perfect moment to spread the love and fill the air around you with happiness. Do you think Smurfs fit with the international happiness day 2017 theme? Will they be successful in promoting 17 Sustainable Development Goals? Share your thoughts and opinions to us by simply leaving a comment in the box below. We’ll be excited to hear it from you.


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