International Women’s Day 2017: Dare Yourself to #BeBoldForChange

International women’s day have a bit endearing theme for 2017 global celebration of women’s achievement and gender equality. UN women have clearly announced this through the official hash tag for the big day – #BeBoldForChange. And in women’s day 2017, it’s time for you to let the world just what women truly worth.


Changing the World through Gender Equality

It’s no secret that in some parts of the world, women receive an unfair treatment from society. Women are not allowed to lead a mass. Women is disqualified from her dream job she fully capable of. That’s all just because her gender.

Sadly, this issue will not come to an end until 2186 – based on prediction by World Economic Forum. That means we have to wait for 169 years to see the complete gender equality implemented on earth. Well, unfortunately no one can live that long.

Image by weforum


In 2016, there are only 5 countries that already decrease the equality gap between men and women for 80%. Only 5 countries. What about the other 188 countries? Well, you can imagine how women in those countries suffer from gender inequality in their daily life.

International women’s day will be the perfect moment to speed up the process and open the world’s eye towards this issue. Take a part in international women’s day 2017 campaign and contribute priceless actions to solve the issue.


How Can I Take a Part in Women’s Day 2017?

You don’t need to fly a thousand miles to UN women’s headquarter in New York City just to show your support. They’re already prepared everything you need in the official website of international women’s day 2017.

Click on take action menu in the official site. Fill in the blanks and click the button. You’re now registered on the UN database as one of the people who support the action. You will be shown how to get involved in this event.


1. Let the world knows you’re in it

Spread the news that you’re one of the team by sharing it to social media – twitter, facebook, linkedIn, or send an email. The page already provides the button you needs.

2. Promote Your Event

You can even promote your own event on the international women’s day 2017 official page. Your event will be seen by people all around the world. Cool, right?

3. Post supporting statements

This can bring a huge impact in influencing people to support gender equality. If you have no idea to begin, try to take a look at Sir Richard Branson’s and Chairman Mark Weinberger’s statements.

You can also browse for more ideas on how to get your hands on this event by visiting this link. Would you want to take a part in international women’s day 2017? Share your thoughts and stories by leaving a comment below. We’d love to hear from you, guys.

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