International women’s day 2017: Secrets behind the campaign design

8 March is coming and every women in the world is celebrating the international women’s day. From inspiring talks, exhibitions, to sport activities are held to celebrate the big day of women. But have you seen the international women’s day campaign design?

It’s a PURPLE world!

What’s with purple anyway? What’s the connection with the international women’s day? Why the logo have to be that way?

So many questions… let’s unwrap it one at a time.

Why it Has to be Purple?

Colors are not just a shade that can be use to decorate something. Colors have hidden meaning behind it. So, purple also have a certain meaning behind it to be chosen as the base color of international women’s day logo.

Image by shutterstock

Apparently, purple symbolize the sense of dignity and justice. These two points are the main goal of gender equality movement for years. Women are often mistreated by some society because of the gender. Truth to be told, it’s not only happening in the rural area, but also in the big cities. That’s why UN Women doesn’t go for pink, red or white. Purple speaks for women’s beauty, strong character and struggles to get the equal chance in life. Purple is just the perfect fit.

The Meaning of the Shape

The logo contains the global symbol for femininity. It has been used for ages and become a very recognizable symbol for femininity. The circle with the arrow has a special meaning behind it. It symbolizes the efforts, struggles, and actions that women do to fight for the gender equality through their life, continuously.

Image by nydailynews

Every logo has a meaning to convey. It just not a simple shapes with typography. Designers are trying their best to conduct a research, connecting the message with shapes, colors and textures for days just to create a logo that could be the front face of an organization. Dedicated designers like gaekoners are doing this. Designing a logo without these steps wouldn’t make a great logo that worth for your organization. (Find out about vital things in designing a logo in this article).

What’s your opinion about the international women’s day logo? Is it great? Write down your thoughts by leaving a comment on the box below. As usual, we always love to hear from you.

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