Samsung S8 Users Report Eye Discomfort After Using Iris Scanner

The iris scanner feature may be one of the reasons why people are buying Samsung Galaxy S8. But now, multiple users of the device have reported eye discomfort that started after purchasing the smartphone just a few months ago.

Via a Reddit forum, the users claimed that they felt pain in their eyes after using the technology. Some said that they felt the pain right after using the scanner for the first time. “I held off because the warnings were pretty dire. Tried it after MKHD said this scan worjked well,” one Reddit user shared.

“The first use caused definite sharp pain in the nerve behind my eye. I won’t be using it again and Samsung should look into this,” another said.

Prior to launching the S8, Samsung had announced that their iris scanner technology is safe. “This red light is an infrared LED and it enables the best range for iris scanner to ensure maximum accuracy,” the South Korean tech giant said in a press release. “It is completely safe to use and there are no healt complications associated with the technology.”

In addition, Samsung included a warning for their iris scanner. They noted that a user must keep the screen at least 8 inches away from their face when using the iris recognition.

But contrary to Samsung’s claim, a study has found that the lens of the eye is sensitive to infrared radiation used in the biometric. Eventually, the radiation can lead to cataract.

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