Startup 101: 15 Incredible Flat Logo Designs to Fulfill Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

Ever since Microsoft launched Windows Phone and Windows 8 in 2012, flat design has marked the revolution of visual design trend. Its sleekness and simplicity has bewitched a lot of eyes and make it a perfect option to symbolize the modern vibe. Flat design could also be a great logo concept for startup (Learn more about startup true definition). It matched perfectly with its innovative and modern idea. Tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo already have their own flat logo design. So why are you not following their steps? In case if you need an inspiration to begin with, we have 15 incredible flat logo designs from various businesses. Here you go.

1. Flatweet Logo Design by Felix Diaconu

As a supporting widget for Twitter, Flatweet’s logo should include an element that represent Twitter itself. Felix Diaconu smartly converts the blue bird logo into its ‘faster flying mode’. The concept isn’t extraordinary, but his execution is.

Image by dribble

2. Logo Design for Taxi Company by Ekhtiar Mahmud

The designer purposely add yellow color on the logo design as it could lift the mood and symbolize a ‘great communicator’ and the one that ‘loves to talk’ (read more in right here). It radiates a fun service vibe of taxi. The horse icon boosts the fast service image. This concept looks perfect and modern wrapped with flat design.

Image by dribble

3. Logo Design for Baba Kucko by Szende Brassai

You can tell what this company specialized in on the first sight. The logo design has done a great job explain it in a fun, clear, and simple way to us. Remember, simplicity is the key. And flat design emphasizes it (read more the guides to design a logo for your startup)

Image by dribble

4. Bitlab Flat Logo Design by Chai Ahmad

Bitlab is a website development company and flat design goes very well with the image. The designer, Chai Ahmad, added laboratory glassware icons that matched with the company name. It’s irrelevant, but he successfully makes it relevant.

Image by logopond

5. Ezypak Logo Design by Deividas Bielskis

Deividas creates a very simple box icon, but it strangely looks fascinating. The font goes well with the box curves. It simple yet classy wrapped with the flat design.

Image by dribble

6. Flat Logo Design of Nivea by FuseProject

Nivea logo design evolves from the 3D design into the flat design version. Yves Behar design agency, FuseProject, successfully creates ‘a cleaner and simpler’ version of Nivea, based on a review by CreativeReview.

Image by designboom

7. Fun Logo Design for Safari Bar by Roman Kirichenko

The beer bottle that interlaces the giraffe silhouette is a clever illustration that represents the bar in a unique way. It doesn’t need a complex 3D design, flat design is enough to make it look fun.

Image by behance

8. Flat Logo Design for Drawing Event by Sergey Punchev

Sergey use the combination of orange and pencil icon to describe the drawing event very well. The pencil itself is a unique diffusion of pencil and beer glass, crafted in a flat design.

Image by dribble

9. Web Design Company Flat Logo Design by Jeroen van Eeerden

The Amsterdam based designer use a mix of bright colors and flat illustration of cubes. It results in a futuristic yet simple design, suitable for the image of the iT company.

Image by dribble

10. Photography Logo Design by Risat Rajin

Risat Rajin combines both the logotype and logotext to craft a flat logo design for PhotoLock. The logo is simple, yet stylish. A modern design for smartphone app like this.

Image by dribble

11. Simple Flat Logo Design by Matizzo

The flat illustration of jet matched perfectly with the company name. It doesn’t need to be detailed. Try to think simple just like what what Matizzo does.

Image by logopond

12. Firefly Flat Logo Design by Matt Stevens

If you take a look at this logo design, it’s quite similar to Airbnb logo. Sleek, simple, yet sparks modern image boldly.

Image by andrewhankinson

13. Galaxy Dogs Flat Logo Design by Mei Chi Ng

Designer Mei Chi Ng has done a great job in making something original for the logo design (read more about what makes a good logo for startup). Just look at this funny and unique design. Is there anyone that will possibly make the same design?

Image by creativenerds

14. The Fruit Box Fresh Flat Logo Design by Mark Serion

‘A box made from fruit’. Such a unique concept from Mark Serion. Even without the text, everyone will be able to grasp the business idea very easily.

Image by pinterest

15. Flat Logo Design for South Australia Tourism by Kuku_Bima

Following the latest graphic design trends, this logo design use a mixture of vibrant colors and abstract background. The result? A total artwork.

Image by pinterest

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Good luck in discovering your logo design!(zlf/gaekon)

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