Startup 101: 5 Creative Side Business Ideas to Try Between Your Full-Time Job

Do you have a pair of fidgety hands and creative cells that doesn’t suit your managerial position in the office? You don’t have to quit your job to live with your passion. Make it your side job instead. If you need ideas to begin with, we have 5 side business ideas that could be your next job, without losing doing your current full time job.

Online Course

Your experience makes you perfect – and anyone else too. What’s better, you’ll get paid for spreading it. If you are experienced in photography, designing a website, or invitation card, you can share the tips or start a 101 tutorial and post it online. Websites like Udemy, Udacity, and Lynda is a good start point for you.

Handmade Crafting

Are you obsessed with being crafty all the time? Then follow your heart. Handmade is a thing right now. People are frenzy over unique things on Artfire, Etsy, eCrater, and Folksy (Find out 25 places to sell handmade things). You can sell any kind of crafts right here, starting from a tiny piece of handmade pins to a large custom furniture.

Power point design service

Your career in managerial position gives you knowledge to a great presentation and customer luring. You can combine this knowledge with your designing passion and make money out of it. A lot of people actually in need for a great PowerPoint design service. So don’t worry if your business will runs out of demands. If you need a place to start, signing up for designer account in will be perfect.

Social Media Marketing

Are you a marketing executive that mastered the art of social media marketing? Then this business idea is the right choice for you. There are 3+ millions companies all over the world that has advertised on Facebook. Imagine how much potential customer you’ll have. If you still unsure of what you’re going to do, Brian Gray will guide you through his Udemy class.

Resume design service

Being on your career path makes you know just how the great resume is. And it could be a potential business idea. You can offer several resume templates to people and do modification on it. Or, you can offer a full resume customization to them for a bigger reward. If you need a strategic place to start, is the answer. That’s where people headed when they need a design. So, expect a lot of design gigs, opportunities, and heavy income. Yes, it’s a side job. But it’s could be even better than your current one.

Have you decided your side-business-to-be? Just a reminder, you should consider your financial strength before you start doing it. We’ve listed low-cost business ideas with high profit and businesses that you can start with limited money that could help you deciding your next business. Drop a comment about this and share!(zlf/gaekon)


One thought on “Startup 101: 5 Creative Side Business Ideas to Try Between Your Full-Time Job

  • July 27, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    Nice ideas for enhancement of skills and earning too. We never think about this that these small tasks can really increase our monthly income. Once again thanks for ideas.

    Raj Gawdi


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