Startup 101: Does Your Startup Co Founder Already Meet These Criteria?

You may already know the vital characteristic of a co founder and the shortcut to find them, but are you 100% sure that he is the right co founder for you? Take a step back and ask to yourself whether he already meet these criteria or not.

Aware of the Bond

Having a good relationship with your startup co founder is a must. And he must aware of this too. I never say you have to pick someone you already know for at least 10 years. If you find someone professional and could technically benefit you, I’ll say: work with him. You BOTH can build and maintain a strong bond after. Remember, founder and co founder need a 2-way communication. Not a dictation.

Shares the Same Dream

Being money driven is not a sin. But when you start a startup, money shouldn’t be your first goal. “If the only reason you’re starting a business is to get rich, then you’ll likely to fail”, said Auren Hauffman, CEO of SafeGraph (read the complete explanation). Your vision is the priority. And your co founder should have the same idea. It will affect to where the company goes. And when the anchor is shaken, your startup life is on the line.

He is a Nature Helper

Basically, a co founder job is to assist you both operationally and strategically. If he is like, “Jack can you help me solve the statistic problem?”, “Sorry man, too lazy”, then he is no good. Co founder should able to give you useful and valuable information, help, decisions, and perceptions from angle that you unmastered.

Comes with the Package You Need

Are you an engineer that needs an expert designer to make an impactful branding? If so, does your co founder have the required skill? Your startup co founder should fill the thing that you lack in. Besides that, he has to be professional, credible, sensitive, and have wide connections. I know where to find an expert designer with all those criteria to boost your startup branding. Go to – it’s basically their lair. I fully satisfied with their work on my business logo design. They work fast, allow me to freely choose, and doesn’t drain up my pocket. You wouldn’t want to experience something horrible like this and this right?

So, do your startup co founder candidates come with these criteria? Maybe you need to examine him better to decide whether he is qualified or not, because sometimes people have some hidden qualities that needs to be figured out. If you haven’t succeeded in finding a startup co founder, you might want to read Startup 101: Find Your Co Founder Easily from These 5 Websites. Drop a comment about this article and share!

Good luck in discovering your startup co founder!(zlf/gaekon)

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  • July 6, 2017 at 10:34 am

    “if you wanna rich don’t start a business” great


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