Startup 101: Fast and Simple Way to Plan Out Your Startup

Creating a strategic plan for your startup may sound hard and frustrating, while in fact, there is a shortcut to make it way simpler than before. Verne Harish, the author of Scaling Up, reveals that a one-page strategic plan is what the startups need. It’s compact yet detailed. It can keep everyone clear and focused just by looking at it. So, what do we include in this one-page startup plan? Get your team together and discuss these things with them.

Your Main Purpose

“Why are you doing this?”. The answer to question is really important for your startup, now and later on. Because as time passed, there will be loads of temptations to change into another idea and make something new. Make sure everyone is clear about it and make it their purpose to.

Values You Hold

Not everyone in your team share the same values as you. It may sound very conceptual, but it’s important to sync up your team and make them value what you value, and stand for what you stand for. This harmony will make your operational activity goes smooth and prevent internal problem when you scaling up. Jesse` Flores, writer of Startup Lansing, mentioned that there are 3-4 main principles you should set.

Set the ‘BHAG’

Jim Collins states that a startup should have a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and it should be written clearly in the plan draft. This can keep everyone focused to reach you startup goal. This also makes outsiders, like investors, easier to understand what your goal is in a single look.

What’s Your Priority?

To achieve the BHAG, there are small goals you should nailed first. And it’s essential to make your team understand it. So their focus will not spread out and work based on the guidelines you planned. Jesse Flores advised to divide these small goals quarterly (as your BHAG will be reached annually). So you have focused deadlines and relevant goal for the mean time. It’s really, really, effective.

The Strategies

What comes with the plan is the execution. Think about 1) how you’ll get it done, 2) who’s going to be in charge, 3) the indicators of success, and 4) the routines you need to go through to achieve it. Once you set them all, don’t forget to write it on your plan draft and explain it to the team. When you execute it, don’t forget to befriend with statistic and analysis. “If you don’t track the data, you won’t know how to improve, which efforts to stop funding, or when to pivot”, says Jesse Flores.

A great plan will remain a plan if don’t do it and launch your startup. Find out the Smart Cheats to Launch Your Startup Right Away and How to Actually Find the Right Investor Your Startup. One last tips from us: you can make investors engaged by your startup plan by making it look sleek and professional. And of course, you need a great design to do it. Based on our experience, we’d recommend to you. Not only you’ll get dozens of designs to choose, you can also work with multiple designers at once – in a friendly budget.

So, have you tried our simple tips to create a strategic plan for startups? Drop a comment about it and share!(zlf/gaekon)

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