Startup 101: Smart Cheats to Launch Your Startup Right Away

As entrepreneurs, we often worried sick about our startup launching. We’ll questioned ourselves, “Will it be successful?”, “Can I get a heavy traffic?”, and etc. Actually there is a secret path to successfully launch your startup and attract hundreds of visits on the D-day. Let us show you the cheats.

Sign Up to Distribution Fire-hoses

This platform can expose your product globally to thousands of people who have a knack for trying new products. It’s suitable for innovative company like startups and gives a massive boost for your startup launching. There are a lot of distribution fire-hoses, like Betalist, Killer Startups, Erlibird, etc. Among these platforms, my recommendation would be Product Hunt. Layers, for example, received 43,000 unique visits thanks to Product Hunt. If you want to get these visits too, you need to prepare $100-$200 to post on these platforms.

Submitting to Hacker News  

Y-Combinator, the startup accelerator, facilitates your startup to attract people and get hundreds (or more) views through News Hacker, their news sharing platform. Alex Chuang, co founder of Launch Academy, advised many founders to use News Hacker in launching their startups. Viral post on NH can give you 10,000 (or more) unique views. Before you started, make sure you read the guides and ask your friends to up vote your post. And, as Alex suggested, schedule it to post on Wednesday, 8:00 AM. This is the heavy hour for News Hacker.

Endorsement Never Fail

Shortlist the current influencers related to your startup field. Despite contacting them for hard-sells, discuss for soft-sells instead. You can either; 1) give away a free trial, 2) exclusive membership, or another special feature of your product. Ask them to write a review for it and post it on their official page with link provided to your site. To make your influencers’ hunt easier, you can use useful sites like Traackr or BuzzSumo.

Before you launch, it’s better if you learn more about startup accelerator, co founder vital characteristics, and how to give your startup launching a headstart. What do you think of these startup launching cheats? Do you find it helpful? Drop a comment about it and share!(zlf/gaekon)

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