These Raunchy Scarves Will Surely Turn Heads

As Christmas approaches and the weather gets colder and colder by day, you may be thinking about giving your loved ones wooly accessories to keep them warm this holiday season. But instead of giving them a normal-looking ones, why don’t you go for… well –  something like these scarves?

Crafted by online retails shop HappyUnderwearGifts based in Ukraine, these scarves are basically your regular scarves with two racy items attached to each end. One of them comes with two penises that will dangle around your neck when you wear the scarf.

If you’re not into penis-shaped stuff, there are equally racy vagina and boob-themed scarves. They’re also available in various colors including pink, gray, red and blue.

The scarves are handmade. In the product description, the maker said that it normally took her 3 to 6 days to produce one scarf and about 14 days for delivery. “All my funny novelty crochet scarf [sic] are knitted with care in a nonsmoking home; in free-pets home,” the maker explained. “Without dyes, non-toxic, odorless. All my warm costumes are 100% made with love.”

The scarves are on sale for $23 each. Would you want to buy one of these for your loved ones? Or do you want to buy these for yourself, so you can entertain your family and friends during the upcoming Christmas parties?

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