This Is How a Business Card Boost Your Personal Branding


How will I introduce myself? Will handshake and verbal explanation be enough? Should I show my products to people? But that means I’ll have to bring a sample wherever I go…

I asked these questions to myself when I think about personal branding. It’s like selling yourself to people, only we have to make it less arrogant, convincing, and memorable. Pursuing success in personal branding is like trying to get our second date in Tinder. You need to leave an irresistible first impression. And trust me, 1-hour presentation about your skills is not enough to make your client ask for the next meeting. You need to leave a physical footprint for a reminder. And that’s where business cards step in.

A Reminder

Everyone needs a reminder. I need my alarm to wake me up at 7. My kids need me to call them for dinner. My husband needs me to remind him to take his medicine every morning. And your clients need a business card to remind them to contact you later between his busy hours. Because no one will remember a phone number or address mentioned to them once. We need the written version to keep. That’s why people create business cards.

Silent Statement

Imagine if there’s something that can promote you to clients while you’re not there. Amazing, right? That’s the true function of business cards. It can silently scream your personal brand even though you’re not there. Thus, you should carefully design this 3.37×2.125 inch card and leave it to the experts. If you’re looking for talented and design experts, I suggest you to go to Not only are they experienced, but their designers are also talented, detailed, trusted, and worth the budget. One thing about is you can get more than 40 business card design options. And you’ll only be charged for the one you like the most. Instead of trusting my words, trust your experience. Go to and prove it yourself.

Speak Your Quality

Let’s talk about the fact. When you’re back from a long entrepreneur meetup, you’ll toss dozens of business cards to your drawer. And there’s a low chance you’ll take a look at them again one by one. Probably, you’ll only take 3 or 5 cards with the most interesting visuals from them. Am I right? Because people will naturally choose the ones that are visually better than the others. It screams “I’m professional, dude. They’re just amateurs.” Just like a person with polished shoes and a person with unpolished ones. We’ll naturally assume the one with the polished shoes is a better person. Business cards speak your quality out loud.

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