This is How You Can Get High GPA in Graphic Design

Graphic design is slightly different from other programs. It requires you to excel in practical skills more than memorizing theories. Although there is a stigma planted in society that GPA isn’t that important in graphic design program, having a high GPA will reward you a lot of benefits, such as scholarship opportunity and better job placement. So, what are the tips to get a high GPA in graphic design? Here’s the answer.

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Be Discipline

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As you’ll face tons of assignments, discipline is a must. Without discipline, it will be hard for you to get all the assignments done. My advice: own a daily planner and list down all your assignments along with the deadline. This way, you’ll have a clearer priority in everything. And make sure to…

Go All Out in Every Assignment

No matter how small or big the assignment is, you need to give your all in getting it done, because every experience and score counts. Don’t let laziness and your mood swings taint your nearly perfect GPA. To help keeping your spirit up, set the reasonable goals for the next 6 months, write down some motivational quotes, and make friends with other talented students (they’re a great inspiration source).

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Look for Inspirations

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Speaking of inspiration, internet is a massive resource of graphic design inspiration. Sites like Instagram, Behance, Pinterest, and DevianArt are the real inspiration bank. Check out my post 16 graphic Designers on Instagram with Posts Worth to Follow. There are a lot of impressive artists to follow. If you prefer a hands-on experience, you can attend the nearest art exhibition or take a graphic design course online. There are a lot of sites where you can find this kind of course, such as Udemy and Silkshare.

Make Time to Train

When it comes to enhancing practical skill, training is a must. Allow 1-2 hours a day to practice a certain skill you haven’t mastered. It’s even better if you can make money from it. You can open a graphic design-related business or try freelancing in You can practice a lot of graphic design skills there, starting from logo designing to web designing. What’s more, the prizes in Gaekon are above average compared to other online design gigs out there.

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Work (Super) Hard

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Other from being discipline, you also need to work hard to get a high GPA in graphic design program. Be prepared to sweat, stay late, and look for endless inspirations. Sounds too hard to do? Believe me, if you like the program you’re in now, hardworking is just a piece of cake. You’ll enjoy every second, every process, and every experience you get in designing.

Do you know any other tips to get a high GPA in graphic design program? Let us know by leaving a comment down below. And if you find this article helpful, hit the share button!


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