This ‘Sexy Chest’ Swimsuit Is Not So Sexy and Will Leave You Disgusted


As much as we love striped bikinis and tankinis, there’s a time when we want to “show less” and go for a swimsuit. But some designers decided to do some horrendous experiment with this one piece swimwear by adding a hairy chest print to the front side. Sounds ridiculous? It’s even more so up close.

Image by metro

Beloved Shirts is a Provo-based clothing brand that is responsible for this unbelievable swimsuit design. It seems like they want to create something that “Makes the pool boy say ‘wtf’”. But really, as much as we want to steal the crowd’s attention, will you volunteer to wear hairy chest-printed outfit complete with the pink nipples and round hairy stomach? Let me help you imagine what it’s like. You’ll walk around the pool looking like this:

Make 'em say WTF 🌎FREE US shipping 👌🏻Link in bio

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To make this horrific swimsuit yours, you must be willing to spend $59.95 and some dollars for the shipping (It’s free for US shipping). Not so affordable for a thing that will make you a laughing stock during the pool party. People have boldly stated their disappointment with the swimsuit design.

“This is terribly disturbing” – @woodeheartz (instagram user) June 8, 2017

“This makes me want to die” – @ryan._clay (Instagram user) June 8, 2017

“No we’re absolutely not doing this” – @elijahdaniel (Twitter user) June 8, 2017

But apparently some others consider this one piece swimwear their muse.

“Found you a cute wee one piece for Bali guyz. Can we get matching? @bruiser_b @jeffy_” – @abbyjayne (Instagram user) June 10, 2017

“I’m thinking about getting this for the beach in July. Thoughts? @christiankelly14 @blakekelly_@mernah (Instagram user) June 9, 2017

“I should have got you this for your birthday @janaydawn” – @jonobennett (Instagram user) June 8, 2017

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