Unusual St. Patrick Day Celebrations around the Globe

St. Patrick Day celebration is an Irish cultural festival to commemorate Ireland’s patron saint, Saint Patrick (AD 385-461), which is usually celebrated with parades, treats, and festival worldwide. In some part of the world, there are groups of people who celebrate this event in a bit unusual way to see. One of them even pulls you out of Earth’s gravity zone. Getting curious about it? Let’s find out.

Dye the River Green – Chicago River, Chicago, US

St. Patrick Day celebration is all about green – green hair, green shirt, green face paints. But for Chicago citizens, it is more than that. Every March 17, Chicago River will turn bright green! People are dyeing the 156 mi river with floating green dye (read more about what do they use to dye the river green). Aside of enjoying the extraordinary view, you can watch Irish step dance performances, musical marching bands, and the crowning moment of the parade queen. This event becomes one of the greatest St. Patrick Day celebrations in the world with approximate 500 thousand people gathering on spot.

Image by nbcnews

St. Patrick Day Celebration on Space – International Space Station, NASA

Being on space doesn’t stop astronauts from having a St. Patrick Day celebration. Back in 2011, NASA TV posted a tape of Cady Coleman’s singing in a space station to celebrate the St. Patrick Day. the action later followed by Chris Hadfield and Tim Peake who sent a cover version of ‘Danny Boy’ and a special message regarding St. Patrick Day celebration (watch the video right here).

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Elvis on the Road – Hot Springs, Arkansas, US

Elvis is coming back to life in St. Patrick Day celebration – but only in Arkansas. In Every March 17, men in Hot Springs, Arkansas, will dress up as one and only Elvis Presley. It means you will get to see classic big black glasses, beaded jumpsuits, and 1960’s iconic hairstyle. Make sure your camera is fully charged when you get there, because you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to capture the unique moment.

Image by arkansasonline

Funeral Parody – New London, Wisconsin, US

Citizen of New London, Wisconsin, seems to have a good taste of humor. Each year, they organize a funeral parody show, called Finnegan’s Wake, in between of St. Patrick Day full week celebration. They will dress all black, put a mannequin which plays a dead man in a hearse, and perform a funny funeral ritual.

How will you celebrate the St. Patrick Day this year? Is it similar enough to these unusual St. Patrick Day celebrations? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment on the box below.

Happy St. Patrick Day, Happy green celebrations! (zlf/gaekon)

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