Watch the ‘Flower Moon’ This 2017: Where, When, and All You Need to Know

Cancel all of your indoor plans for this week because May is the perfect month to enjoy the moonlight! Before you start planning an amazing outdoor date with your beloved one, make sure you know all the details about this astronomic eve

What is Flower Moon?

Flower Moon is a condition where the moon is at its fullest size on May. It’s called Flower Moon because May is the spring time for flowers. This is a traditional naming by American natives to mark each farming season. So yes, every full moon of each season has its own name, as revealed by In the other hand, Flower Moon also has several unique names in Northern Hemisphere. It’s also called as Planting Moon, Corn Planting Moon, and Milk Moon (Do you notice the red string?). Even though it’s a conservative practice, but it still lives in the modern era.

When and Where to Watch?

For you, skywatchers addict, you probably want to reschedule your plan for May 10, 2017. Because at 5.42 PM EDT the sun, earth, and moon will be in a straight line and form the fullest moon of May. But the Flower Moon will stay invisible to naked eyes until 8 PM. If you’d like to plan out a romantic skywatching date, then it’s better to start it before 8.

However, this time schedule is based on American EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). So, if you’re living outside of this time zone, you should probably do a little adjustment. For example, the Flower Moon will be visible after 11.42 PM for Paris. You might want to visit Moonrise and Moonset Calculator to find out the best time to watch the Flower Moon in your place.

The Flower Moon basically can be seen from any places in the world. It’s just the season difference of each country makes the moment better in some places. If you’re in or anywhere near New York City, you will get to see the Flower Moon in the sky for 10 hours and 39 minutes. Meanwhile, Iceland will not have a good view of Flower Moon because it won’t get higher than 15 degrees off the horizon. And good news to Australian, because you’ll get to watch the Flower Moon longer – thanks to your shorter days on May. If you want to check whether your location is good for the Flower-Moon-watching, you can visit this Moon Phases and Lunar Calendar by (for US and Canada only).

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