How do I pay for a contest?

IN Customer

A. We recommend you to have an account for:

  • PayPal
  • You can also use credit cards (MasterCard and Visa).

B. Can I cancel my payment?

  • To cancel the payment, you need to contact us and we will process it in max 90 days after payment.

C. What happens to the contest while waiting for refund?

  • We’ll directly close your contest and we will give you your money back as soon as possible.

D. Can I start another contest while waiting for the refund?

  • Yes, you can start another contest. Your payment return will not affect your ability to start a new contest.

E. How much money do I have to deposit?

  • It depends on package you choose. If you choose$99-199 then you have to deposit about $199.

F. What if the price of a design is lower than your deposit?

  • We will return the excess.

G. In what currency do I pay for the contest?

  • We use USD currency