What should I do to run a successful design contest?

IN Contest

1. Write a clear, attractive contest brief
Try to write down a clear contest brief that everyone will easily understand. Our project manager will help you do this. Try to use attractive words and set a reasonable price range for your contest difficulties. The tougher the contest, the higher price range you should provide.

2. Don’t forget to give feedbacks
Giving feedbacks means you respect and notice them. This will give them a sense of your seriousness in managing a contest. We recommend you to give respectful, building and positive feedbacks. Try to avoid harsh words and offensive remarks.

3. Be friendly
Try to be in good terms with all designers. Always speak nicely, politely and friendly to them. It can encourage designers to do their best in your contest and would likely join your future contest.

4. Be sportive
Run the contest fairly without any discrimination to particular designer(s). Pick a design that’s really worth your money and attention and not the design that doesn’t even match your contest brief. Click finish the contest button when you already receive everything that you need. Please do not forget to do this, because the payment will not be released if you haven’t clicked the button.