Why is my account blocked?

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There are several reasons that could cause your account to be blocked by our system. Those reasons are:

  1. You breach any of our designer/customer agreements, privacy, and terms and conditions.
  2. As a designer, you fail to submit the final file to the customer during the Handover Design step. There will be a 4-day period for you to upload the final file. If you don’t upload it by the end of the period, we will inform you and block your account.
  3. As a designer, your design contains pornographic violations, harassment, threats or offensive contents related to ethnicity, religion and intergroup.
  4. As a designer, you do not follow our Designer Code of Conduct
  5. As a customer, you do not follow our Customer Guidelines
  6. You’ve been reported by other designers or customers
  7. We will not compromise any inappropriate that delivered to either customer or designer. We want to promote better atmosphere/environment as a family. Therefore, we always encourage every individual to respect each other. Once we find inappropriate comment or content made by our customer or designer, we will block his/her account.
  8. Using fake identity or spamming will be considered illegal and it results in your account getting blocked.

If your account is blocked, read our FAQ What can I do if my account is blocked?